Log 828272, kuri 476

As recorded by Ikari Hakai-Suru of the Court of Blood

The news of the day was unexpected, to say the least. And not much surprises me, mind you.

I don’t often pay attention to the Baron’s news tabloids, in fact, I’ve specifically instructed Crow to not bring me them.

However, I’m glad he made the decision to ignore my request today.

Crow entered my office at exactly 7 am, as was standard, carrying to holo-disks. “Here are the daily status reports,” he stammered, placing the first disk on the desk. I opened it and glanced over the reports, all was in order.

Then, crow placed the other holo-disk on my desk. “I thought you might find it interesting.”

I opened the disk and was greeted with Baron news interface- an article reporting on the recent death of a public figure.

The headline read, ‘Xemarel’s most promising researcher, Eurydice Pertral, dies at age 17.”

Seventeen, such a young age to die. Even I as a castvernon could recognize that it was peculiar for an organic to die at such a young age. Intrigued, I read on.

The name Pertral stuck out to me- it was rather well known. I had been monitoring the Pertrals for just over two centuries, as they had a reputation for being the best taxidermists in the galaxy. Not an occupation that intrigued or affected me in particular, but I made it my business to know who’s who in the galaxy.

I skimmed the article, trying to find some sort of cause of death. The words ‘necromancer’ and ‘organic sciences’ caught my eye. As I read on, I discovered that Eurydice Pertral, a measly organic, not even an adult by their species’ own termes, discovered a way to reverse death without the aid of magic.

Something, that mind you, I have been trying to do for over eight thousand years.

I called Crow back into my office. He seemed even more intimidated by me than usual. I paid it no mind.

“Crow,” I instructed him. “Notify the authorities on Xemarel that we’ll be paying them a little visit.”