⚵ welcome to the innsjosphere ⚵

hello! this is innsjo. i am a usa-based writer and hobby artist & this is where i archive all of my written work, art, old projects, characters, and other information

i am 20 years old, american, bisexual, and based in pst.

things i like

non-media interests
  • linguistics
  • historical fashion/costuming
  • dolls
  • roots of chaos series (samantha shannon)
  • locked tomb series (tamsyn muir)
  • all of rf kuang's writng
  • between earth and sky series (rebecca roanhorse)
  • everina maxwell's writing
  • dune (frank herbert)
  • barbara kingsolver's writing
  • the lunar chronicles (marissa meyer)
movies/tv shows
  • star wars (specifically prequel movies & clone wars and rebels tv shows)
  • everything everywhere all at once (2022)
  • emma (2020)
  • lady bird (2017)
  • arcane
  • the legend of korra
internet content
  • hermitcraft
  • life series (3rd/last/double/limited)
  • the hermit archives fanfic
  • portal (games)
  • minecraft (game)
  • tabletop roleplay

for more info on stuff i like check out my review page

other fun stuff