The Church of the Undying Light

This page is the internet home of the Church of the Undying light, the faith of the True Earthly Incarnation of the Lifebringer. Here, you can find information about the faith, contact information for our physical church, and news of recent church happenings and events.

The Church of the Undying light follows the teachings of the Hand of God, living His ideals of healing, genorosity, compassion and service. It is through these ideals that the Church practices community service, alms-giving, and many of our other programs to alleviate suffering. More about these programs can be found in the 'About' page on this site.

The Lifebringer wills that all live in peace and unit, a message this church strives to uphold

"And when they shall see you, my most beloved of Gods, they will know your message true."

Revised prayerbook of the Lifebringer, 'Prayer of Admiration', verse 3