Church Records

Here you can find digitized record information regarding this church.

  • 1993

    The 1993 record book opened with an inscription,

    "And to you, that undying light which guides and fulfills me, that truthful spirit that brings me peace, know that I will love and follow you til the last of my earthly days."

    It seemed the book was divided into three short segments- personelle, events, and migration, the last two being the most substantial.

    The first section was personelle, and simply listed the names of the people who'd been in the church at the time. There were only a few names, and even less of them were familiar to Taisto. Yeonaixho and Petrai were both there. It seemed Yeonaixho had only been eighteen at the time, yet he'd already taken on the 'Hand of God' title.

    The second section 'events' and listed all the various church happenings at the time- which, for 1993, was mostly holidays and people joining the church.

    After that followed the 'migration' chapter, which chronicled the church's movements that year. It seemed they hadn't yet moved to the island, and instead travelled around various Loucari and South Loucari islands, picking up disciples and preaching their message to small villages along the way.

  • 1994

    Not much was different about the 1994 book- it didn't have an inscription in the front, a few more people had joined the church, and all their holidays had gone well that year. They'd continued traveling the South Loucari.

    The most notable thing to have happened then was Petrai taking a brief absence from the church that summer. The record book didn't say when she'd returned.

  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997

    Teyacapan Canek is born into the Church

    The movie Titanic is released, and a member of the Church aqquires a VHS set of it. At some point, the first tape is lost.

  • 1998

    Taisto had picked the year 1998. Even from skimming it, he'd be able to tell it had been a far more eventful year than the ones he'd looked at previously. It seemed this had been the year that the church moved to the island in the first place, and a detailed map of what the island had looked like pre-development was included.

    They'd moved to the island in late summer that year, but earlier in spring, a note had been made detailing the marriage of Yeonaixho to a woman named Jymaiyri ke Naido. She'd been listed in the 'personnel' sections of previous records, but the name would be otherwise unfamiliar to Taisto.

    Petrai had also returned, but no note was made of it. Perhaps, she'd returned earlier.

    The rest of the book mainly chronicled the process of moving everyone onto the island and building the temple complex there. The chapel was the oldest building on the island, and had been the only building already there when they got there. Everything else had been built after the church had arrived.

  • 1999
  • 2000
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  • 2004

    He'd selected the logbook from 2004. It was divided into sections based on subject- agriculture, inventory, personelle, events, and developments.

    The first section was on agriculture. It detailed the church's crop yields from that year, as well as any blights that had affected the crops, or other events that'd affected agriculture on the island. They seemed to grow a lot of root vegetables and berries.

    The second section was on inventory, and consisted of mostly the same information as the agriculture section, with added information about how much fish they'd caught that year- it hadn't been a very good season- as well as information pertaining to what the island imported- mostly luxury goods, and books.

    It seemed the church imported most of their goods from the Loucari.

    The personelle section followed, and simply listed everyone who worked on the island, as well as their duties. Almost none of the names would be familiar to Ekmeros- Yeonaixho and Petrai were there, as well as Zeydein and Desmondus. Teya was also listed, but didn't have an occupation listed due to being 7 at the time. Curiously, no head dedicant was listed, only the head guard, whom at the time was Desmondus.

    The following section listed events. This encompassed descriptions of how the year's various services and holidays had gone, as well as any births, deaths, or church additions.

    ... There were a lot of deaths. Especially for a church this size. Almost all of them had unmarked causes of death.

    The deaths were all there- one name after the other. Some were frighteningly young- the youngest, only 13 at the time. No cause listed, only names, dates, and ages.

    The final section was on developments, and listed new infrastructure on the island. They'd renovated the bathhouses that year!

    Luckily, the record included enough bathhouse-renovation related information to distract Ekmeros for a while. They even had before and after photos!

  • 2005
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  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010

    The random book Taisto chose was... 2010! A far more recent year than the ones he'd looked at previously.

    Just by skimming over it, Taisto would be able to tell that things were much more familiar. More of the the temple had been built, resulting in a temple map that was almost identical to its layout now. The people were also far more familiar. Teya, Zeydein, Madeline, and Eli were all listed as church members, and the 'events' section listed Albanes having joined the church. Many of the names listed in the older books were nowhere to be seen, though, including Jymaiyri.

    Most of the rest of the book was agricultural and inventory records, nothing particularly thrilling.

  • 2011
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  • 2014Astrid and Shinobu Shiryoku join the Church
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  • 2023The Church of Undying Light's Tournament of Elements takes place.

"Those who speak your name hear you, those who know your name love you, those who speak your name become you."

Revised prayerbook of the Lifebringer, 'Prayer of the Scribe', verse 5