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[7:47 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

For funsies, just dumping Kal here so homeboy can scrub-a-dub-dub and get clean after his volcano climb. 🧼

ryu and birdboy

[3:57 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

After her two workouts, Ryunoske decided to get cleaned up once more. Showering in her room was getting a bit boring though, so Ryu headed off to the bathhouse instead. Felt a little more like home there, anyways. She walked in and got herself ready for the baths, her tattoos that the general public usually despised on full display in this bathhouse. @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[4:00 PM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

Now that his departure from the island was a certainty rather than simply likely, Peregrine decided to take a wander around. And of course, he went to the guest bathhouse. It was sheer luck that he entered at the same time as Ryu, and he grinned, getting himself ready. "Well, well, fancy seeing you here."

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[4:03 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryu had nothing but a towel on her shoulder when she walked past Peregrine, and she paused when she realized she wasn't alone. "Oh, hey. It's been a while since I've seen you," she replied with a small smile.

"What's up? I feel like you've been up to something fun." @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[4:06 PM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

Peregrine cackled to himself at the question and coyly put his hand in front of his mouth. "Oh yes, certainly. In fact, I'm being kicked out, darling, so clearly I've been up to mischief. You should ask our dear host Yeonaixho~"

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[7:47 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:


Ryu raised a brow at that. "Kicked out? Oh, what'd you do? Fuck your way up to the host?" She joked. "Or were you just so insufferable the people vetoed you out?" @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[7:55 PM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

Peregrine cackled. "Oh darling I didn't need to fuck my way up at all. I simply got on my knees and he was quickly convinced. For someone called the Hand of God, he seemed rather fixated on the mouth, and what could go in it~" He grinned, continuing to prepare himself for the baths.

"Petrai was so upset with me but she couldn't chuck me out for it, I suppose. So the very next thing that happened, well, she blamed it on me and used it to cast me out. Isn't that sad?" He pressed a hand to his cheek and sighed. "I don't think the people here like me all that much."

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[8:01 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

The smile on Ryu's fast fell almost immediately. She turned to face Peregrine, looking over him for a moment before her brows knitted together. "No way. You got away with that?" She sneered. Ryu seemed quite angry at first, but after a few moments, her anger turned into a small laugh.

"No fucking way... Oh, I am so going to use this against that old hag. That's fucked up though.. If you're able to fuck that old dude, then obviously it's not an actual problem to be fucking on the island. I guess you're being kicked out just cause everyone else finds you annoying," Ryu snickered. @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[8:08 PM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

Peregrine nodded, his head held high. "Twice," he added, "In succession. Ha. Succession." Okay twelve year old. He turned to Ryu with a raised eyebrow. "It's one of their rules," he said with a slight coo, pretending to care. "And he's their God, of course they have to make exceptions." He laughed to himself, then his brow raised. He glanced Ryu up and down. "I think we should test that theory. I have nothing to lose. And you did promise on the docks."

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[8:11 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"If there's one thing corrupted old men like, it's younger men they can take advantage of," Ryu chuckled. She gave Peregrine a look before shrugging her shoulders. "I don't mind, but I came here to wash up after my last work out. I assume you're doing the same," she hummed.

"Unless you're so eager you can't wait for that. The good thing about bathhouses is that the water is always rinsing out what's in it." @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[8:15 PM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

"Darling, that's my entire life story," Peregrine teased as if that was not a very concerning thing for him to say. He revelled in saying it. "And, well, I have cleaned up already, I'm more so taking in the sights." Once again, his eye travelled up and down Ryu. "But what's the point in washing up if you just get dirty again?"

He considered what Ryu said. "Well, I think I'd have a better venue in mind than here. I didn't take you for the type to try and hide all the evidence..."

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[8:56 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"Well, at least you're used to sucking old cock.." Ryu shrugged, not minding Pere's ogling. "I just like the convenience. It's too much work to constantly clean up, after all. But if you have a place in mind already, then I guess I'll just take my third shower of the day afterwards." @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[4:26 AM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

Peregrine didn't reply to the first part, he just grinned. "Darling, that's why you go to hotels. The room service staff have seen so much. The people here will just have to play room service after us." He didn't bother to get redressed, just covering up enough that Petrai wouldn't strike him down on the spot, and he leant against the lockers. "You'll be incredibly clean."

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[6:39 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"I think if I let the staff here try to clean me, they would give me a cleansing," Ryu chuckled. "Was the old man so disatisfying that you still had to come looking for lil ol me?" @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[6:41 AM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

"Darling, they can try to cleanse me but I'm the Angel." Peregrine moved to stop leaning against the lockers so he could spread out his wings. "And honestly, you should be flattered I even thought about you. I've had divinity and I still give you the time of day? Isn't that generous of me?"

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[6:45 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryu snickered. "I'll take that as a yes," Ryu said as she headed to the baths. "God often leaves man wanting. I'm more than happy to give you something fulfilling in a bit. I'll meet you in your room." @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[6:48 AM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

Peregrine shrugged. "That'd be telling." He watched Ryu walk away with a smirk. "I'll see you shortly~" He decided to shower in his room. No point extending the small talk.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[7:00 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryu took her time in the baths, needing to get the dirt and blood off her skin. Afterwards, she headed to ⁠isi-titania-darcy-peregrine @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

ryu and sharkgirl

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[11:00 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Arriving here, Ryu gently took her arm out from under Hannah's. "Alright. Meet me in the baths when you're ready. I got to get some extra towels and stuff," she said to Hannah before walking deeper into the bathhouse. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:07 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"Okay." Hannah said. She didn't really have anything she wanted to place in the locker, she didn't even want the clothes that she had on right now. She walked over toward one of the shower stalls and grabbed a robe before undressing in there. Unfortunately, she didn't bother to shower first, so the robe had bloody patches and handprints all over it.

She didn't wait around before heading over to the baths. @ajjjjjjjj

[11:18 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

In the baths room, Ryunoske had set out a few different towels, a few bottles of shampoo and soap by one of the baths in the back, and discarded her shirt nearby. "Over here. It's better to clean blood by the closest drain. Step in. I'll take care of you." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:26 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

If Hannah was truly in her right mind (or maybe just her normal mind that wasn't right either) she'd probably have some reservations about this. But she really couldn't bring herself to care at the moment.

She slid the robe off and dropped it to the ground, her arms moving to cover up her chest in an awkward arms-crossed pose that did not look natural at all. New lightning scars shot all across her body, decorating her body with red streaks.

Blood was splattered across basically every part of her body, having sunk through her clothes and seeped in to every crevice it could find. Her hair seemed especially messy, with blood and sand tangled up with the braids she had put in before the fight.

She stepped up to Ryu and looked down at the drain. @ajjjjjjjj

[11:46 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Quietly, Ryunoske took one of the damp towels and began to clean some of the more noticeable bloodstains on Hannah's face and upper body. She worked diligently, but there was something kind about her touch. She didn't judge how Hannah looked, nor did she seemed particularly bothered by anything she saw. After getting the big patches done, she gestured for Hannah to sit in the bath.

"I'll wash your hair next. Anything I didn't get should get washed in the bath water." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:50 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Hannah only stared down at the ground, watching the red drip off her body and swirl down in to the drain. She'd washed her own blood off before, plenty of times. Maybe a bit of someone else's blood on her hand from breaking their nose, at most, but.. The amount of blood that was coming off, the amount she knew wasn't hers.. It was uncomfortable.

All she did was make a noise of understanding, not bothering to say anything else. @ajjjjjjjj

[11:56 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Once Hannah was settled once again, Ryu began the task of getting the blood and grime out of Hannah's hair. She slowly took out the braids and soaked Hannah's hair before cleaning it. It was only when she was done rinsing the blood out of Hannah's hair did she speak up again.

"..Do you want to talk about the fight? How you feel now after it?" Ryu gently pried. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:58 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"No." Hannah said, quickly. "I feel bad. And I don't think it's entirely because I lost. That's it." @ajjjjjjjj

[3:55 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryunoske brushed some of Hannah's hair out of her face. "I see," she hummed. "Do you feel pain anywhere still? I don't know if those nurse people or whatnot treated your wounds all that great." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[4:03 PM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

There was a pretty big bruise on her right side, just below her ribs. That seemed like her main injury she was left with, besides all the lightning scars.

Not a wound, but there was also a little tattoo of a shark on the outside of her right thigh with the name 'Bonaparte' written out in fancy letters. The shark looked enough like Bonaparte, with the long tail and all. It was jumping out of a wave and striking a very powerful pose. The tattoo was in a place where it would really only be seen when she was wearing the shortest shorts ever or some kind of bikini bottom maybe.

"I feel fine. Physically. Besides for the tingling. Which I don't think you can fix." @ajjjjjjjj

[9:32 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"You got hit pretty good with that guy's lightning. Don't think you're gonna feel 'not tingling' for a while," Ryunoske commented as she used one of the damp towels to pat Hannah's forehead dry. "Well.. when you're ready to talk about it more deeply, I'll be an open ear. I won't judge." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[9:36 PM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

".. Why do you care." Hannah mumbled, shutting her eyes as Ryu moved the towel across her forehead. "Why aren't you.. Why are you treating me the same way you were before. You saw me be awful." @ajjjjjjjj

[9:46 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryunoske chuckled softly. "Look, I know we don't know anything about each other, but trust me when I say this," Ryunoske pulled away the towel and bent down to be eye level with Hannah, "If you think you're awful, I must be the devil or something. You're stressing over nothing." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[9:51 PM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Hannah's eyes opened back up to vaguely stare at Ryu's face. Her eyes seemed a bit dull- and unfocused..

".. Ryunoske. I bit Roy's arm off. And ate part of it. It's literally sitting in my stomach right now. Digesting." Hannah said. "This isn't 'nothing'. This is awful. I feel awful." @ajjjjjjjj

[9:56 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"Perhaps it's not nothing to you.. This was probably the first time you've ever done anything so extreme to another person, but as I said, if you're worried or confused as to why I'm treating you like normal, it's because I've seen--experienced first hand worst things," Ryunoske hummed.

"I'm not going to treat you less just because of what you did. You didn't do it to me.. And plus, I was thinking you'd kill the guy. So. Him getting off with just a lost arm is kinda the better side of the deal for him, I think." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[10:03 PM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"I told you before. I had never eaten human or- had human blood. This was.. Really bad. I didn't think we'd be in a water arena. Where it would be so easy to be a shark and maim him. I smelled his blood in the water and I-.. I just couldn't resist it.." Hannah mumbled. She moved her arms back up to cover her chest. "... The guy who runs this place managed to regrow his arm. But he looked so.. Scared. I thought I would like it. I thought I would revel in knowing that my mere presence strikes fear in to his heart but.."

"I don't. I feel awful about it." @ajjjjjjjj

[10:41 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryu looked over Hannah for a moment and sighed through her nose. Instead of giving Hannah a lecture or disapproving words, she simply patted Hannah's back. It was gentle and reassuring, unlike Ryu's overall character. "It's not going to be easy to accept, or get over... And it's because you're a good person, Hannah. Feeling guilt and feeling disturbed by what you've done.. Is normal," Ryu told her in a neutral voice.

"...Let's get you out the baths now, alright? I'll carry you to your room if you'd like." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[6:43 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Hannah's back was tense, but she leaned in to the contact. She really didn't feel like a good person, but she knew if she kept arguing, maybe Ryu's patience would run out. She didn't want that at the moment.

"That would be.. nice.." Hannah said and exhaled deeply through her nose. She didn't want any of the clothes she came in with back, she had Bonaparte's tooth on her necklace, and that's all she really needed. "I should probably get a different robe. The one I came in is all bloody." @ajjjjjjjj

[7:28 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryunoske nodded, put her discarded shirt onto her shoulder, then picked Hannah out of the baths bridal style. At least Hannah was nice and clean now. She went back into the locker room and gently settled Hannah down onto a bench, before handing her a fresh robe. "I'm going to rinse out some of the blood on the tiles then discard the towels real quick. I'll be right back," Ryu told her before disappearing into the baths once more. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[7:31 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Hannah took the robe and shoved it on. She rested her elbows on her knees and put her head down, sighing. She just waited for Ryu to come back. @ajjjjjjjj

[7:39 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

It didn't take long for Ryu to return and she tossed the blood soaked towels into the bin. "Alright, let's head out," she said as she walked up to Hannah once more. Like before, she picked up Hannah into her arms and gave her a good look over.

"Do you have spare clothes in your room?" @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[7:43 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Nothing had really changed about her since the shower. She still looked pretty miserable. But at least not covered in blood now.

"Yeah.. All my stuff is back in my room." Hannah sighed. "I guess I should.. start packing it up.." @ajjjjjjjj

[7:54 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"Okay, I'll head on over," Ryu nodded and walked out the bathhouse towards ⁠wolf-yuga-hannah-mallon @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

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