ryu and yuga

[10:08 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga left the chapel as soon as he could. It felt wrong for him being in there. However, outdoors were biting cold, and the mist made the chill dig deep through his fur and into his bones, so he quickly made his way to any building that was open. Once inside, he looked around, sighing in relief to see he was alone. He took off his funny loan coat, and shook himself to get off the iffy feeling that he had. He made sure his tail was still hidden, and his hood properly hid most of his head. He sighed and leaned his back against the wall, trying to calm down from all the excitement.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[10:29 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:


Ryunoske had quietly made her exit early from the chapel. She wasn't too interested in meeting the weirdo who invited all of them here, at least, not right now. She left as soon as she could, a cigar between her lips once again. She had to be about a thirds way through her current pack. As she walked, she couldn't help but notice another small figure exit just as quickly as she did. Her interest was piqued, and off pure curiosity alone, she followed the small form.

Seeing the figure go into the storehouse, Ryu raised a brow, but continued on. She cracked open the door, her red and green smoke filling the air before peaking inside to see where the other person may have gone. @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[10:37 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga's ear twitched inside the hood, and he jumped, dropping the coat he was holding. He glanced at the door, heart drumming, and his nose quickly overwhelmed by the smell of smoke and several nefarious substances. He knew this scent from the docks, and it was also a smell he had become fairly familiar with in the city mostly for the worse, and he pressed against the wall a little tighter, frozen for the moment and holding his breath, perhaps hoping to somehow blend into the dusty surroundings. However, his glowing red eyes would very much stand out in the darkness.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[11:58 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Hearing something soft fall, Ryunoske ventured further in. "Hello?" He called out into the room. "I promise I'm not here to hurt anybody. I was just curious when I saw something run in here.." Ryunoske said and breathed out some more smoke.

"If you don't come out, I'll just come to you, and that'll probably be more scary." @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[12:10 PM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga watched Ryu enter with wide eyes. Her physique and height did not help him feel any more safe at the sight. He shuddered and cursed in his mind. He'd thought that surely he would be left alone in the dark storage, but someone just had to follow him, huh. He considered crouching and hiding under the coat in the corner, but the person would hear him shuffle around and come over even more likely. No, being vulnerable like that would be the worse option. Probably.

The fox licked his muzzle nervously and let himself breath again, quick and shallow breaths. He let out a low growl and bared his teeth, which glinted faintly in the limited light.

"Grroo away", he snarled. Not loud, not harsh, but trying his best to sound menacing.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[3:47 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryu's brow raised as he heard the snarl from the back, the smoke in the air faintly changing direction towards the sound. "An animal..?" She commented under her breath. Ryunoske waited a couple of seconds in silence, seemingly to see if the creature would say any more. When nothing came, Ryunoske started to approach once again, her shoes making a faint click as she did so.

"I'm not here to hurt ya, but now I'm curious. Come out," she said again. @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[9:57 PM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga started growling again as Ruy walked closer. He didn't trust that she wouldn't hurt him, and even if she didn't, he wanted to be alone. Now he had trapped himself. There was only one way out, and he would have to go past Ryunoske to get to the door.

The smoke made his nose itch, and he sneezed. Very threatening.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[10:19 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

The sneeze made Ryunoske pause. She blinked a couple of times as she stared blankly at the dark figure just a few feet ahead of her and she bent down onto one knee in front of it. "Here. I'll get rid of the smoke. Will you stop hiding if I do that?" He asked and smudged out his cigar.

Almost immediately after Ryu said that, the smoke dissipated, escaping out of the storehouse. "C'mon buddy. A cold storage unit like this isn't that much more comfortable than being cold outside." @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[10:29 PM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga watched Ryu lower herself, slightly surprised, but shook his head.

"Nrrno", he grumbled.

Suddenly it was easier to breathe, and his nose stopped itching now that the smoke was gone. Yuga stood in place for a moment longer, evaluating Ryu, still slightly out of breath, before picking up the coat he'd dropped.

"It's better... wAs at leeast", he murmured, brushing the coat off.

He took a few small, wary steps towards Ryu, glancing around her and towards the door, like estimating how he could quickly get past her.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[11:12 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryunoske watched quietly as Yuga picked up his jacket before slowly standing up herself. "I can help you get to the rooms, if you'd like. It'll be a lot safer and warmer in a building people are actually supposed to stay in," she offered.

"...Or you could try and make a run for it too, but then you'll just end up outside and cold again." @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[11:15 PM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga scowled at Ryu from the shadow of his hood. Suspicious boy.

"Why? Why would you help?" he asked.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[11:21 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"Because I can?" Ryunoske hummed. "I don't get much from helping some random... animal guy. I just figured you'd want something better than a cold shack like this. And I'm planning to stop by the rooms myself so. Win-win for both of us, right?" He shrugged. Ryu was a simple guy. @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[11:25 PM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga tilted his head, looking at Ryunoske from this new angle, before staring in her eyes for a moment.

"...It don't bother you?" he asked quietly, and in fact, lowered his hood, watching the woman closely to see if she reacted in any way. He flicked his ears and rubbed them a bit. They had been flattened under the hood for a while and felt sore.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[11:56 PM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"Bother me?" She raised a brow as she repeated Yuga's words. Ryu was quiet as she saw the boy's ears and a part of her really wanted to pet the boy's head. Dog. But she thought better of it.

"No, nothing about you bothers me nor does taking you to your room also bother me. It's more of a bother to try and have to fight you to get you to some place warmer," she mused.@Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[12:06 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga looked at Ryu, then at the door, then at the coat in his arms. He was constantly quietly shivering from nerves and chilliness, as he considered things for a moment. Eventually he put the coat back on.

Ryu was a contestant, and if she did cause trouble to him, the cult people would probably intervene, and vice versa. Maybe it was a good situation to be in, actually. Maybe.

"People norrmally get scared", he muttered, and put the hood back up. He looked up at Ryu again, ready to move.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[7:22 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

"I may not look like it, but I'm a pretty tough guy. Nothing much fazes me," she chuckled and stood back up. "Alright, buddy, let's head to the rooms now, yeah? Do you need a hand?" Ryu asked and offered her gloved hand to the boy. @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[7:25 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga huffed lightly and glanced down.

"No matter if they are big or strong. They scare and hurt me because I look weirrd", he muttered quietly, the words getting a little garbled that way. Then he looked at Ryu's hand, suspicious, before looking at her face and shaking his head.

"No. You go first", he replied, and gestured towards the door with his oversized sleeve.

@Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[7:29 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryunoske shrugged, retracting her hand and starting for the door. "Suit yourself," she hummed. "Hurting people just cause they think they look weird is pretty fucked up. Sorry you've met some more of the shitty people in life. You look pretty young, so that sucks even more. How old are ya?" She asked him as she opened the door back to the cold. @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[7:35 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

"Not sure", Yuga replied as he followed. he was quiet for a moment, thinking, before he replied. "17... or 16, maybe.. It's, kind of hard to.. uh. Know." He shrugged, and raised his shoulders to dig his head deeper into the coat when the door opened. @Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[7:40 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryu paused as she listened to Yuga. "Sixteen? Dude, you're a kid," he said with a small frown. "Don't know how you managed your way here, but this fighting ring thing isn't suited for kids like you, yknow," she commented and finally took a step outside.

"Of course, of all the people here, they throw in some kid to make things difficult..." Ryu grumbled under her breath. @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[7:45 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga stopped to stare at Ruy with wider eyes as she ranted. Not so much scared but confused and not expecting to be talked to like he was a pup. He didn't know how to reply to that, but as he followed Ryu, he felt at least a little safer with her. @Aj | Ryunoske+Titania

[7:57 AM]Aj | Ryunoske+Titania:

Ryunoske rubbed the back of her head, grumbling more to herself about things like 'there should be a no kid rule for weird church islands' and 'maybe they'll let the kid slide from fighting'. She continued walking until they made it to ⁠guest-hallway @Twig | Taisto + Yuga

volcano prep

[8:50 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Astrid brought Kal to the storehouse, and picked up one of the lamps to light their way. "It's always super dark in here. Dunno why we don't get lighting for it. Anyways, the axes should be this way." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[8:51 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“It’s like a horror movie,” Kal commented as he followed after her. He glanced around. “Preeeeetty spooky. Thanks for helpin’ me out, I didn’t realize that I’d actually need supplies to make the climb.” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:53 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Astrid laughed. "Not as spooky when you know where everything is."

"Yeah, the weather makes it a bit rough." She hummed, picking out an axe for Kal and weighing it in her hands. "Don't want you getting hurt out there. See how you like this one." She handed the axe to Kal. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[9:01 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Kal took the axe and held it in his hands. He turned away from Astrid and gave it a few practice swings. He nodded his head.

“This feels great!! The weight feels good. I think it should be good to carry my weight. Thanks for helpin’ me out!! Is there anything else you might recommend?” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:02 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Taking some rope wouldn't be a terrible idea." Astrid hummed, and took a length of climbing rope from the same wall. She handed that to Kal as well. "Do you have good climbing boots? What about warm clothes?" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[9:04 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Kal looked just slightly overwhelmed.

“.. Uh- I have a long sleeve on right now..?” He laughed a little. “Guess I’m real underprepared, huh? My shoes and my hands have always been good enough for me, I like the struggle, if I’m honest. I guess I should take some rope for sure.” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:06 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Astrid furrowed her brow in concern. "Dude... that doesn't sound super safe. It can get sub-zero up on the mountain in the winter, so you'll definitely need something warmer than long sleeves. You don't wanna be loosing limbs to frostbite, or anything. We can get you some proper gear." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[9:10 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“My powers can keep me warm, they keep me goin’,” Kal chuckled. “But I shouldn’t always depend on them. I guess I’ll go ahead and take some gear, if you guys don’t mind givin’ me some.” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:11 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Powers or not, I'm not letting you on that mountain without proper gear. My powers couldn't keep me warm on their own, and I climbed the thing in summer." Astrid hummed. "Come over this way, I think we store some extra coats over here." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[9:14 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“It can get cold on a volcano in summer? Bruh, that’s crazy.” Kal laughed. “Man- I’m glad I bumped into you on my way over there!! You’re a whole lifesaver!”

He paused. “I don’t think I’ve gotten your name yet. My name’s Kal Valdez, it’s awesome to meet you!” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:21 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Yeah, the weather here gets crazy." Astrid hummed. "I'm glad too! It could've been bad.'

"Oh, I'm Astrid! Nice to meet you too, Kal!" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[9:53 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“Astrid! Thanks for all your help,” Kal laughed. “I appreciate everything you’ve done- I’ve never gone climbing in this kind of weather before. It’s always just been hot and dry and dusty when I’ve gone.” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:56 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"No problem! I'm glad I could help out!" Astrid hummed. "I figured you hadn't climbed in cold weather before. Here, this a hiking coat and some good warm gloves and boots for ya." She handed him a wad of clothing. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[11:38 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“Man, I definitely would’ve frozen my head off if I didn’t have all this with me- Thanks a bunch!” Kal beamed. He put the coat on and got the boots on as well. For the moment, he pocketed the gloves since he didn’t quite need them.

“How do I look? Do I look like I’m ready for a climb?” Kal held out his arms to the side, showing off his new, snazzy coat. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[11:46 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Astrid gave a thumbs-up of approval. "Looking great! Much more prepared for the volcano now." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[1:23 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Hell yeah!" Kal grinned. "Thanks for the help." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[1:23 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"No problem! Tell me how it went when you come back!" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[1:24 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Thanks!! I'll tell you all about it!" Kal grinned. He gave her a salut. "I'll see you after!" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[1:25 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Astrid led Kal out of the storeroom, and waved goodbye as she went back to her post. "See ya later!" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[1:26 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Laters!" Kal grinned.

With that, the idiot began his walk back towards the paths to head towards his goal: Volcano. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

out of the tunnels!

[10:40 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga stayed close to Isi as they walked up the stairs that led to the storehouse. This was a somewhat familiar place to him. He had hidden in here for a moment, though Ruy had followed him, so it hadn't been the best hiding place. Someone might be here now as well, so he stayed low and vigilant as they ascended the stairs. @sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁

[11:03 AM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

Isi entered the storehouse cautiously, it didn't really feel like the type of place guests would normally be allowed, but it did have some windows higher up, filtering light in that made her more relaxed.

"Cool, we're out-"

She could still smell food, her stomach grumbled.

@Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[11:06 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga huffed, went closer to the wall, pushed some large, soft bags aside and sat between them, curling up and holding his knees to his chest. It was colder here than in elsewhere indoors, but still warmer than outdoors. @sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁

[12:41 PM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

Isi looked like they were still sniffing around a little, and ended up walking between two of the shelves for a moment. When they came back, they had some non-perishable foods that were apparently being stored- some dried fruit, jerky, that kind of thing.

They say down, and set the food in-between herself and Yuga.

"We never got to have breakfast, and I don't want to go back to the dining hall" they explained, betting Yuga may feel the same.

@Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[12:46 PM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga kept his eyes closed and his snout tucked behind his knees while Isi moved around, but looked up when she came to sit beside him. He looked at the food items, and then at Isi. A small smile appeared on his face. He didn't have much appetite, but he knew he had to eat, so he picked on some jerkey and dried fruit. @sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁

[2:23 PM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

Isi smiled back at him, relieved it seemed to cheer him up a little bit. They picked and ate some of the dried fruit, frowning at the jerky in contemplation, they could eat jerky, and meat in general, it just had a bad texture and smelled wrong. They'd try that another day. They leaned up against some of the bags Yuga was huddled in as they ate.

@Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[12:22 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga coughed every now and then, but otherwise ate in silence. He started feeling icky pretty soon, and stopped eating. He shifted further in between the bags, and moved them so he was partially hidden behind them. Then, he sighed and curled up again. He didn't know what he would do, or what Isi would be doing, but right now he felt like hiding here. Maybe it was silly, maybe he should figure out what had happened in the kitchen before getting all judgy and scared, but he couldn't help it. Being sick didn't help. @sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁

[8:20 AM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

Isi wished they knew what was going on with Yuga. Not the paranoia, honestly that was totally understandable, but the sickness.

"Maybe we should try getting you to the hospital, I know it's not a nice place to be but I don't think there's another way to help you right now"

Isi said this quietly.

She'd know by a headshake or by Yuga's refusal to get up if this was a bad idea for him, and she had no intention of forcing him to go, but her mind drifted to the upcoming fights and she shuddered at the thought of Yuga going against anyone like this.

@Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[8:34 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga lifted his head hastily, and his neck fur bristled. He stared at Isi with wide eyes and scrunched eyebrows. His breathing quickened slightly, and he was about to shake his head, when a harsh coughing fit interrupted him.

Crap, it hurt... He grimaced, and licked his muzzle in pain. Just swallowing hurt, let alone coughing. He closed his eyes and put his chin on his knees, hugging himself tightly. It was scary, he knew there would be dedicants in the hospital, and could he trust them? But how could he hide and fight in this state? He probably would only get worse without help, and get caughed sooner or later in any case.

A soundless whine scratched his throat. He seemed apprehensive, when he looked at Isi again. He stared for a while, before nodding, hardly noticeably. Then, his hand-paw reached out shakily and insecurely, and hesitantly curled around Isi's hand. He didn't want to be left alone with the church staff.

@sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁

[8:48 AM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

They took his hand. They could feel it shaking. Isi seemed to look at the paw for a moment, as if someone had just handed her a gift. She looked at Yuga in his curled form and scared expression.

"They're not going to hurt you. Even if they tried I'm not going to let them, ever, okay? I'll stick with you as long as you want."

They meant every word, they hoped he could tell. Isi gave his paw a light squeeze, their strangely bright eyes staring back at his.

@Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[8:57 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga's ears drew back sheepishly, and under the fear, his eyes sparkled with gratitude. He tried his best to smile, and nodded, tightening his hold on Isi's hand slightly.

@sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁

[9:14 AM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

Isi nodded back and stood up slowly, so that Yuga had time to get up too. She wished she had her cloak to give him for the walk to the hospital, but they'd just have to get there fast and hope it was warm.

@Twig | Taisto + Yuga

[9:18 AM]Twig | Taisto + Yuga:

Yuga was still wearing his cloak! :3 He took support from Isi and the bags behind him as he stood up. He tightened the cloak around him, and slowly started towards the door. @sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁

[9:28 AM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

They walked out of the storehouse hand in hand, into the cold. They had to cross the courtyard to get to the ⁠hospital , it was a bit far in the cold but they managed, Isi just hoped there was someone present at the hospital to help them.

@Twig | Taisto + Yuga

lighting gals talk ghosts

[7:48 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

... Okay, Zerada had a variety of different places that she had wanted to visit. First, back to the gardens. Then, to the cemetery.

Then, she decided to screw all of that and just look to Teya first. Maybe she would have some kind of information. She wasn't sure why Zerada just seemed to gravitate towards spooky weird buildings. Maybe she wouldn't find Teya here, maybe she'd just find another ghost. Who knows.

She slowly pushed the door open and peered inside. It definitely was dark as fuck in here. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[7:54 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

It wouldn't be hard to find Teya in here. She was wandering the shelves of inventory, a lantern in one hand and a checklist in the other. Her lantern cast light around the area immediately surrounding her, making her rather easy to spot.

She looked up as she saw Zerada enter, though she wasn't yet aware of just who it was. "Hello?" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[7:57 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Talk about luck. Zerada was very surprised to actually see Teya here. She pushed the door open further.

"Hello? Teya? That you?" She asked. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[7:58 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Zerada? I wasn't expecting to see you in here." Teya said. Her voice was more surprised than anything. She approached Zerada at the door. "It is me. I'm just doing the nightly inventory." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[8:06 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"I wasn't entirely expecting to see you here, either," Zerada admitted. She glanced around. "Is this place just a storage room? I was just walking around and figured I'd drop by and check it out, I haven't been in this spot yet." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:08 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Yes, this is the storehouse." Teya nodded, and cast her lamplight around the room so Zerada could see more of it. It was mostly shelves. "We keep most of our dry goods here, as well as things like spare uniforms and extra weaponry." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[8:16 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Huh." Well, that was pretty good to know. "That's pretty neat. I'm sorry for just walking in, then, I'm not sure if this is a place for me to be in or not." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:17 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Guests aren't really supposed to be down here, no. But as long as you don't make a mess or steal anything... I guess you're fine." Teya shrugged. She trusted Zerada enough. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[12:55 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“I won’t do either of those things, promise.” Zerada nodded. “I have no intention of stealing, or causing chaos.” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[5:58 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Good." Teya nodded. "You can linger around here if you'd like, but I do have some work to do." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[6:15 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“Okay, I’ll be sure not to get in your way.” Zerada promised.

For a moment, she took a gander around, just acknowledging the room and its contents. It took her a few moments to feel as though she could speak up.

“Hey, Teya? I had a quick question. Do you know who the statue is of in the flower garden?” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[6:18 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"The... statue in the flower garden?" Teya repeated. Her voice had lowered to a slower, cautious tone, but she was facing away from Zerada and did not turn around to face the girl, so her expression was a mystery.

"I'm afraid it's not my place to discuss that. I'm sorry." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[6:20 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

’Definitely someone loved by a higher-up.’ Zerada thought to herself.

“I see- I’m sorry to have brought it up, then.” Zerada hummed. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[6:22 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Don't apologize, it's fine." Teya replied simply. She busied herself checking the dried goods. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[5:40 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Sometimes, I can be a bit too curious," Zerada hummed. "It's just so interesting to see a statue so lovingly built in the garden. I'm sure it'd look gorgeous if it was a bit warmer." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[5:46 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"It does look nicer in the summer." Teya nodded. She still offered no information about the statue itself, or who it depicted. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[5:57 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Zerada paused. "How warm would you say that it gets in the summer? Is it always so cold, even then?" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[5:59 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"It usually gets to around... fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit in the summer." Teya hummed. "It's hardly warm, but it is nicer out." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[6:19 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Zerada shuddered. "Fifty-five? I'd still be needing a thick jacket if I were to try and survive that kind of weather." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[6:26 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Teya chuckled. "I'm used to it, so I find it quite nice. I'd probably melt in the summer temperatures you're used to." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[2:45 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"You'd probably be most comfortable visiting Mexico in the winter time, then," Zerada shivered. "The highest it gets during that time of year is maybe the low seventies." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[2:53 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Teya paused her work to briefly turn to Zerada with an astounded expression. "That's how warm it is in the winter? What's it like in the summer?" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[2:59 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"In the summer? Usually in the high nineties." Zerada hummed. She seemed to be very content with this temperature. "Sometimes, you get into the hundreds. Of course, that's only the daytime. The nights cool off drastically. They drop off into the forties and fifties." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[3:32 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Teya looked to Zerada incredulously. "... and you like these temperatures?" She couldn't even fathom weather that hot. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[5:01 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"I love it," Zerada smiled. "I think I feel most alive in the heat." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[5:04 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Teya shuddered. "I can't even imagine. It sounds like it'd be draining." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[7:48 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"It could be, if you spend all day working out in it." Zerada chuckled. "You just have to keep yourself hydrated and be careful. At some point, you get used to the heat." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[7:52 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Teya shook her head again. "It sounds impossible that a place could even be that hot... though, I suppose you might think the same about how cold it is here." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[8:05 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"That's exactly how I feel about this place," Zerada nodded her head in agreement. "I try to-... Steer clear from cold locations like this. I'm still surprised at how chilling it is." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:08 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Teya hummed in agreement. "I think it's going to be a pretty bad winter, if I'm being honest. The nights have been harsh, and it always looks like there's a storm on the horizon. It's not great." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[8:13 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Zerada made a face. "How bad do your winters typically get?" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:23 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Well, the weather right now is a good approximation of it." Teya shrugged. "But it's usually a bit brighter out during daylight hours. It's been too cloudy, I think things are going to get worse."

After a pause, she added. "If you've lived in a place like this long enough, you get a sense for that sort of thing." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[8:29 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Huh.. Well, I hope things don't get too bad for your winter." Zerada frowned. She didn't even want to imagine things being colder than it already was.

"I see.. That's definitely something I wouldn't sense, not since I got here just a short while ago." Zerada sighed. "Do you think that the storm will come soon, in the next few days?" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:33 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"I hope so, too. For all our sakes." Teya nodded. "Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see. We have safety measures in place, in case that does happen. You'll be safe, as long as you follow our directions." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[8:47 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Zerada hummed.

"What kind of measures are in place? I'd just like to know so that way I could possibly lend a hand in any potential situation." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:49 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"If a storm does come, we'll close off all outdoor parts of the temple island, and have you guests travel through the underground tunnels that run beneath the complex. We have enough food stores to last a while, though we'd most likely have to ration some. Of course, materials would have to be distributed and rules would have to be followed, but we've dealt with these situations before." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[12:27 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Zerada frowned. "That's a pretty full-proof plan, it's a relief. How long have storms lasted? Is there a chance it could be longer than you'd expect?" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[2:35 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Most winter storms up here only last a few days. Five or six, at most." Teya said. "I don't think the one I think is coming would last more than that." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[6:55 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“Oh- Well, that’s a relief,” Zerada genuinely looked calmer. “I thought there was the chance we’d be in there for weeks.”

[6:55 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

@innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[7:02 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Mhm. That'd be far more of a predicament to be in." Teya hummed. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[8:35 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"That'd be torture," Zerada winced. "I wouldn't be able to survive that." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:37 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"We'd make sure you'd live. That's our job, after all." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[10:04 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

“Thanks, appreciate it.” Zerada hummed. “I’d hate to be trapped underground and staving.” @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[10:04 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"I don't know of many who wouldn't." Teya remarked flatly. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[10:48 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Yup.." Zerada yawned and stretched. "Well, it's getting pretty late. I think I should probably be heading back to the guest building soon." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[10:50 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"That sounds like a good idea." Teya nodded. "The guest rooms are just up that staircase over there." She gestured to it.

@🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[11:12 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Ah, okay, cool," Zerada nodded as she looked to the staircase. "I'll just head on over there, then. You get some rest, alright?" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[11:15 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"I will." Teya nodded stiffly. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[11:28 AM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Zerada nodded and gave Teya a wave. She made her leave from the storehouse. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

isi's terrible decision

[9:26 PM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

....yeah sorry Madeline.

It really didn't take long for Isi's curiosity to get the better of them. They remembered their little adventure with Yuga in here, feeling around until she found a certain door.

[9:26 PM] DiceParser:


Details:[d20+2 (6)]

[9:26 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):


[9:27 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

(U can write her breaking the lock and I'll write some tunnel description)

[9:28 PM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

With some difficulty, Isi broke the lock. She was worried it was loud, but nobody came Knocking. She opened the door.

[9:29 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Beyond the door was a looming stretch of dark, descending into a silent, pitch-black abyss. It was colder than it should've been, but it was also... enticing. @sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁

[9:30 PM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

Isi's night-vision was fairly good, but she was still careful as she began her journey down. She let the door shut behind her.

@innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

isi escapes

[9:46 AM]sketti | Eben 🕶 + Isi 🍁:

The door burst open with a bang. The lock was still broken, nobody had checked. She sprinted out. She knew better than to yell. Was it any use trying to evade anyone that was theoretically chasing her? With Petrai, she'd get caught eventually anyway. No, it was better to tell someone.

She ran to the first place she thought to look, her dorm.


madbanes confession

[9:28 PM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:


Madeline scurried in to the storehouse, still holding Albanes on her shoulder.

She could see the lock broken.. So that's the way Isi must have gotten in. But how did she know to go to the storehouse? That was awfully specific.

Either way, Madeline headed over to the back of the storehouse, far away from any windows or light. She sat Albanes down on the ground after she cleared away the dust. She lit one of the oil lamps, which only slightly illuminated the dusty and dark area she had chosen.

She walked away before quickly returning with an armful of pillows. She set one under Albanes head and sat on the other, waiting for Albanes to wake up. Her foot tapped anxiously on the ground. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:29 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes was still asleep. Seemed like she'd be for a while. Aside from the rhythmic pattern of her breathing, and the occasional fitful turning or groaning, she was still. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[9:55 PM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Madeline patiently waited, not trying to wake Albanes up any earlier than she was ready.

The announcements still rolling gave her plenty to think about. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:55 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes is still napping. honk shoo honk shoo. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[9:56 PM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

And Madeline was still waiting.

... @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:56 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Slowly, Albanes started to wake. She groaned and turned away from the light, putting her hand to her forehead. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[2:16 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Madeline moved the light behind her, so it wouldn't be too bright for Albanes. She still stayed silent, only glancing over Albanes. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:00 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes became fully conscious just in time to hear her name said on the intercom, and everything that followed it. She sat up abruptly, turned over, and began vomiting out everything she'd eaten that day. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[8:00 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

(vomit ment)

[8:05 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Madeline had also been listening to the announcement.. That was odd, wasn't it..? Yeonaixho had had to fix her heart after removing the worm- surely from a state of total disrepair.. Did Albanes not have a heart right now..?

"Albanes-" Madeline bolted up and rushed to her side. She gently moved Albanes' hair back to keep it out of the.. Mess. "I-it's okay, Albanes. I'm here to keep you safe." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:11 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Once she had emptied her guts, Albanes leaned back into Madeline's embrace. She only took a second to catch her breath before frantically tearing off her clothes. She disrobed until she was only in her undershirt, and pressed a hand to her chest. Where her heart should've been. She began to sob. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[8:16 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Madeline tried to look away as she was taking her extra clothes off, but thankfully, it stopped at that shirt. Madeline adjusted them so she could lean against a shelf to support Albanes better.

"I-i'm sorry Albanes I-.. I didn't know that.. That happened.." Madeline said quietly. Was Albanes just as much a little experiment for Yeonaixho to toy with as Madeline was? To see if he could keep someone alive with only his powers, missing a vital organ? Clearly he could have made her a new heart. He had done it for others who weren't so close to him. What was different here? @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:23 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Through her sobs, Albanes choked out: "He- he really took it, he took it away-", and "I didn't know, either. How could I not have known?"

This was all... too much. It was something she had suspected for quite some time, that quiet doubt that'd always plagued her, when she tried to feel her pulse and couldn't. But now... it wasn't supposed to be real. Her father was a good man. A wise man. A kind man. Why wouldn't he help her like he helped the others? What made her so undeserving? @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[8:28 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

".. Y-you didn't.. Know about that..? Why couldn't he make you a new heart like-.. he had to have done with me.." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:32 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes just shook her head and continued to sob. "I never knew. I- I never knew. I don't-" She cut herself off, but leaned against Madeline, wrapping her arms around her shoulder. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[8:38 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Madeline wrapped her arm around her waist and rested her head on her shoulder.

It seemed like Albanes still preferred her presence over being alone at the moment.

"T-take your time.. If you want to come with me and help the guests, we.. With you, we might be able to convince the other guards and dedicants to stand down. We could k-keep things more calm and safe.. And having a healer would be great." Madeline said quietly. "But don't rush. A-and if you want to stay safe and out of the way, I wouldn't judge.. I think it should be pretty safe way back here, no one would think to look here." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[8:56 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes found a lot of comfort in Madeline's familiar presence.

"I... want to stay here. For now. Where no one can find us." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[9:03 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

With the backdrop of Ryu's fight playing, Madeline held on to Albanes tighter.

"People- they need our help. They need someone from the inside.. I-i need to go help them. You can stay, but I need to go.." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:10 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Don't- don't leave me here!" Albanes sobbed. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[9:14 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"I-i don't want to- but Albanes-.. if the guests get overwhelmed and contained.. I'm going to-.. I'll probably be killed.. I'm too deep in.." Madeline sighed. "I-i don't really have the choice to stay hidden.. I've already done too much." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:25 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Though she continued to sob, Albanes seemed rational enough to understand that. She wiped away some tears. "Where- where are you going to? Specifically?" @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[9:44 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"I... don't know. Wherever the contestants are going to be." Madeline said. "If you're staying.. Would you be okay if I bring injured guests to you to heal..? With Yeonaixho firmly on it other side.. it will be difficult to keep up without being able to heal." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[9:49 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"I'll... go with you. It'll be easier to heal people there then bringing them here, and-" She drank in a breath. "And if any other guards see you, they won't hurt you if I'm with you." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[9:54 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"Mm.. thank you, Albanes.. if any guests have a problem with you, they'll still have to go through me." Madeline took in a deep breath. "And.. Albanes.."

She lifted her head up from Albanes shoulder so she could look at her face to face.

"I.. I do love you. I always have. I know this is a really bad time for this- like really bad, and I don't expect you to say it back. But I just had to say it before we go.. In case something bad happens. You deserved to know." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[10:00 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes nodded, her sobs subsiding. She held on tight to Madeline, and looked down to her as she spoke.

"I..." She began, the words stopping up in her throat and her empty chest. "I love you too, Madeline. I'm- so, so lucky I have you in my life. I'll be with you til the end. I promise." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[10:10 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Oh thank god. But not the god here- some kind of nebulous concept of s god.

"That's all I've ever wanted to hear.." Madeline smiled. Despite everything that had happened recently, and whatever Yeonaixho had told her she did back there, she still loved her. "Let's get going. I want to help Ryunoske, but.. I think she's in a bad place. Hopefully Yeonaixho would still heal her.. We should go check on the other guests." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[10:11 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes nodded, and pulled her shirt back over her bare arms. "Ryunoske... is that the person with the tattoos? In my father's room?" She frowned. "... we should check with the other guests, yes. There's probably others in trouble..." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[10:25 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"Yes, that was her. She helped me earlier." Madeline nodded. "Before we get going we can grab some spare coats from here. I think I hear a storm outside." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[10:26 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"That's a good idea." Albanes said, and got up to grab some coats. She didn't comment on Ryu any more. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline (with coats albs and Madeline both get +2 constitution)

[10:43 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Madeline grabbed one for herself, as well as a few pairs of gloves to give out to others. She slid a glove on to her left hand using her teeth to pull it back.

"Could you tie off the other arm? I don't want it to get blown around and get in the way." Madeline asked. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[10:44 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Of course." Albanes nodded, and tied off Madeline's unused sleeve. She pulled her coat's hood up over her head. "Are you ready to go?" @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[10:46 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"Should we take any extra coats to hand out? I know a lot of guests didn't bring the appropriate attire." Madeline suggested. "Boots would be too bulky to bring any extras of. I got gloves. Maybe some weapons, in case it comes to that..?" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[10:47 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Extra coats is a good idea. Maybe a few scarves, too." Albanes hummed, and took some more coats off the rack. "Weapons... I don't know..." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:01 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"I know, I don't want to have to use them either.. But at least the guests seem like harder targets when they're armed. The intimidation factor.. And I know all the guards are armed already.." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[11:03 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes considered this. "Small weapons. Knives, maybe a mace or two like mine... that sort of thing. It'll make us look less suspicious, and it'll be easier to carry." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:15 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"True.. I'll find a backpack or satchel to put them in." Madeline nodded and walked off to a different shelf. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[11:16 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"I'll get one too, and get some medical supplies. And maybe some provisions." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:30 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"Mm." Madeline hummed back from down the aisle of shelves. She eventually found a simple satchel and set it across her left shoulder, sitting on her right side. It would have to do since she couldn't wear a backpack. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[11:32 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes found a backpack, and began filling it with all sorts of supplies- daggers to distribute, medical supplies, cans of food and bottles of water, changes of clothes. Anything she thought she might need. @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:33 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

Madeline fit about three small coats in to her bag, and some medical supplies in the other pockets.

"I'm ready." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[11:35 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes nodded as she finished packing her backpack. She carried a few more coats in her hands. "Alright. I'm ready to go, too." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:41 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"Let's get going." Madeline said. "Where should we head to first? I feel like the guest rooms to see if anyone is hurt there, or the guard rooms to see if we can get anyone else on our side.." @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[11:44 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"There's probably not going to be anyone in the guard quarters right now, everyones running around trying to contain the situation..." Albanes said. She also didn't want to go there and have to face the other staff members. "Let's try the guest rooms first." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

[11:45 AM]Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline:

"Yeah, I suppose that's true.." Madeline nodded. "Guest rooms it is."

She held out her gloved hand to Albanes. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[11:45 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Albanes took Madeline's hand in her own, intertwining their fingers. "Let's go." @Mads|Roque🩸+Hannah🦈+Madeline

ekmino in the storehouse

[9:20 AM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Shino brought Ekmeros into the storehouse. It was dim and dismal- but at least, it was a shelter from the cold. @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[11:42 AM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

Ekmeros stepped into the storehouse and began to look for the supplies they needed. Damn if this was fr DND he'd have darkvision.

@innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[1:30 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"The food should be somewhere around here-" Shino said, until he was interrupted by the announcements. "Oh, you should probably go to the arena." @soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻

[1:33 PM]soul | peregrine 🎭 + ekmeros 🎻:

Ekmeros glanced up at the ceiling as the announcement played. "I suppose it makes sense... to return to normality, we have to continue as it was." He nodded to himself, adjusting his viol again for comfort, then he squeezed Shino's hand. Then he just left. Didn't even wait for Shino. Bye.

zerada and the ghost

[3:04 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

From the library to the storehouse, Zerada traveled in relative silence. She stayed aware of her surroundings in case there were any opposing guards nearby. She had to be cautious.

Once she was inside of the storehouse, she relaxed slightly and began to look for supplies. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[3:05 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

It'd be fairly easy to find where the candles were stood, but Zerada would also find something far more sinister.

The ghost of Jymaiyri Ke Naido stood there, in the dim light, smiling. "I've missed you, your singing words." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[3:07 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Well, shit. This was quite a little situation.

"It's been a while, Jymaiyri," Zerada greeted. She even offered the ghost a small wave of her hand. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[3:11 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

At the sound of her name, the ghost shifted in posture, expression. Her gaze wasn't quite on Zerada's- her appearance had changed- instead of a bare chest and exposed organs, she was wearing a simple tunic and an apron over that.

"I know that we can't- would you actually listen to my idea instead of shutting it down?" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[3:13 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"Of course, I'll listen." Zerada nodded. "What's your idea?" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[3:15 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

It was like the woman didn't even see Zerada anymore. She was stuck in some distant memory, some old pattern of thought. This had happened before- but when?

"Look, your idea is stupid, too. It's not like there's giant tubs of freezer-meat just around the south Loucari-" A pause. "And you think we can get to those? Yeonai, we're scientists. And you're honestly more of a wizard. We don't fight cops." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[3:18 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

"What if we did fight cops?" ACAB baby. Zerada was just trying to go to the conversation. "What if we could get to those tubs?" @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[3:23 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

Still, the woman didn't seem to hear Zerada at all. Her actual conversation partner seemed to be saying very different things.

"Look- it's way easier to get fresh bodies than frozen ones. It's riskier, sure, but so is stealing from morgues." She paused, then sighed. "Well, yeah, of course it's gonna be morally dubious! It's necromancy!" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[3:42 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

So she was into the whole zombie thing too, mayhaps. Zerada continued to listen. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[3:44 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

For a while, Jymaiyri stood listening, listening to whatever 'Yeonai' was saying. "We could always try it on more-dead bodies." @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[3:51 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

As the ghost spoke, Zerada slowly grabbed the package of candles and incense. She stuffed them into the pocket of her hoodie. Zerada continued to listen. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[3:54 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

"Difficult doesn't mean impossible. And we have to start somewhere." Jymaiyri shrugged. "I really think you'd be able to do it. I mean, how hard can it be to recall a soul?" @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[5:06 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

’Harder than you think, maybe.’ Zerada thought to herself as she listened. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[5:09 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

The woman looked off suddenly, as if she'd heard someone calling her name. "Oh, shit- that's P---, isn't it?" When she said the name, the sound of her voice dipped out, like some outside force had temporarily muted her. "You should probably go see what she wants. See you later, love!" She pantomimed kissing someone, and then... vanished. She'd been there one second, and gone the next. @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[5:22 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Someone with a P name. Okay, interesting. Zerada wondered who the hell that was.

Zerada waited for a moment to see if the ghost would return. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)

[5:22 PM]innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄):

The woman didn't show any signs of returning... @🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐

[5:30 PM]🌙Vanessa🌙 | Zerada⚡+ Kal⭐:

Zerada made her leave from the storehouse. It was seance time. @innsjo (glass🎸+ darcy🖋+ npcs❄)